Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly W.I.P.

Rag Rug:
Here are some pictures of the progress I made. Over at Country Threads Chicken Scratch , Mary is hosting a Rag Rug A-long. I am having fun making my first rug. The one thing I have to remember here is I need to work on each end. Have to meet in the middle of the rug to finish. It is super easy. I am using Homespun strips. I don't have a lot of scraps so I purchased some 2-1/2" jelly rolls.

 I've been going over to That Quilt! for help and ideas. She's done several DJ quilts. IF you haven't been to her blog, its a MUST if you are going to make this quilt! 

So here are my 5 blocks for the week:

A.1 - I paper pieced this block.

A.2 - Another paper pieced.

A.3 - This block I appliqued the center. I didn't follow That Quilt's tutorial. I decided to take the shorter route and just applique the center.

A.4 - Paper pieced.

A.6 - Rotary Cut. Wonky picture. I need to take better photos.

FINALLY I am going to have a "CAVE" all to myself again! Its still in the making and hope to have it done sometime in February. Everyday my husband been out there working away. The problem we will have is when he finishes the siding. The work stops and wait for the Hawaii County to issue the permit and do an inspection!!! We've already submitted the plans late October. As of now, we haven't heard anything from them! *sigh* It is a BIG BIG issue here!

Anyway, here are pics of the my new cave!

Size: 24x28 with a walk-in closet! YAY
Notice the blue skies in the background?

I will be posting pictures weekly.


Prairie Moon Quilts is hosting a Studio Organizing Challenge 2016. Since I do not have a Studio just yet, I decided to do the entire house. The first challenge is "Deal with paper clutter!" I wish I had taken pictures of what my desk looked like. I do have pictures of what is looks like now. Here is my desk and island. All nice and clean. Paper toss, shred, filed away. YAY! In a way, I am glad I didn't take any pictures. You will think I am a paper HOARDER!

Desk all nice and neat.


Sneak Peek: Here is itty bitty section of my sewing area. I needs organizing!
All fabrics, notions, etc... are right now in storage units! Can't wait for the "cave" to be done!

Hoping you've had some time to stitch this week. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year weekend! It was great for us here.

- The Seahawks won, 36-6!
- I was able to work on a few more blocks of my Dear Jane. I manage to get 7 blocks done. YAY!  Will post pictures later today.

For this week organizing with Prairie Moon Quilts, organizing paper clutter! Boy do I have so much paper around. Whenever I see a pattern online, I print! Its gotten out of hand that I put them into boxes. Now I have about 4 boxes of paper to sort. Its going to take me a week to finish. I am glad Shelly is doing this "Studio Organizing" this year!


Saturday, January 2, 2016

W.I.P. (Work in Progress REVISED)

My last post, I stated I will be working on my Dear Jane quilt and make at least 5 blocks a day! Oh LORD, I must be NUTS!!! What I meant to say is "make 5 blocks a week!" If I kept to that statement, I will have to hire a maid!

Hope everyone is had a wonderful Saturday. I went to my Quilt club meeting. I didn't do any sewing. I did however, traced a few Hawaiian patterns. The patterns will be for my next Hawaiian quilt. Then I sewed a few more DJ blocks and so far so good. I will post pictures later.

Sunday is going to an easy day. Go to Church with DH and then come home and watch Seahawks vs Cardinals. I am hoping and praying that the Seahawks win! While watching the game, I will be doing some appliqueing.

Aloha all,

Friday, January 1, 2016


I am finally BACK!!! Hope everyone had an awesome 2015!  WOW... its been almost a year since my last post! Life's been very interesting here. More of that later.

I needed to get back in this blog to start posting. I haven't been sewing much other either. BUT I am definitely going to change all that! Starting now!!! Having this blog will help me get my "tush" going on my sewing!

I have a few sewing projects I need to get done and my GOAL is to keep up with them. That is the PLAN and I PRAY to God I stick to it! (:

Here is my list for the year:

1. DEAR JANE QUILT - Make at least 5 blocks a day. I have the software but I need to find my BOOK. grrr
2. QUILTY FUN QUILT - I will be joining my friends (online). I have my book in a place where I an easily find. Yahoogroup Sampler Quilts will be hosting a sew along for this.
4. PRAIRIE MOON QUILTS - Hosting a Sewing Room Organizing for the year. I don't have a sewing room just yet, but I am certainly going to use it to organize my entire house.

This year is working on UFOs "once again!" However, I decided to work on Dear Jane. Its been going on 8 years now and I truly need to finish! Wish me LUCK and add me to your PRAYERS!

Happy New Year & Aloha!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Snapshot Quilt A Long...

I am sure you have seen the ads on the net regarding a cause. Here is a picture of the quilt we will be making. 

                           Snapshots Banner
Like many of you, I like to get involve when it comes to a good cause. In this case, it is cancer. Anyway, on the 15th of each month you’ll find a FREE pattern to make this adorable quilt on the Fat Quarter Shop blog.  You’ll also find a link to donate any amount you’d like, to the St. Jude campaign each month.  100% of the donations will go to St. Jude.

I still need to decide what fabric line I want to use for this quilt. I think a trip to the storage unit is needed this weekend. 

Anyway, Happy Friday to all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and will find sometime to do what you so enjoy! Be safe and warm!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Full of Flare Exhibit....

The exhibit was incredible! Although I didn't enter anything, my quilting friends at our Guild exhibit their masterpieces. They were all beautiful. These Hawaiian quilts were all done by hand and beautifully done. These ladies have been quilting for years and I am so lucky to be a part of this Guild with A LOT of very talented women. I am still toying if I want to hand quilt the king size Hawaiian quilt I am doing. I am just too spoiled with my longarm machine. 

Anyway, there were not only Hawaiian quilts. There were also paintings and wood carving pieces that are all beautiful.

I got a chance to talk to a Hawaiian wood carver, Raymond Bumatay (pronounce: Boo-ma-tay). He has been carving for years. He carved a canoe and presented to his granddaughter on her birthday. He named the canoe after her "Lihau" (Lee-how). I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures as much as I.


Here are pictures of Raymond Bumatay beautiful pieces. The first picture is the canoe he made for his Granddaughter.

Raymond Bumatay and his beautiful Granddaughter
I am going to print a copy of this picture and give it to Raymond. 
I just think this is a precious picture a Grandfather & Granddaughter. Don't you think?

Here are more pictures of his work and paintings from other talented artist.

I cannot help myself but I have to end my post with the results of our NFL team! 
Seattle Seahawks
NFL Second Round Playoffs
Saturday, January 10, 3:15 PM
CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington
17 - 31

We will definitely be in "BEAST MODE" all week. (= Maybe I can get a quilt done in this mode. HAHA

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Be safe and stay warm. I know some of you are having wretched weather.